About Wild Forager

 The alchemy of  food and gatherings is the root of creation for the Wild Forager. The Passion behind it is a melting pot of curiosity and love for food and the world it comes from. 

We are a living wage employer, this means that  we  pay all our staff a wage that will provide a living for them in todays economy.

Green is the theme. 

From our choices of seafood to our choices of vegetables, being a responsible producer is about knowing where our food comes from and protecting it. 

About the forager

On the apron strings of his grandmother, Chef Jonathon Gee found the passion for cooking. From a young age there was only one path set in front of him.

Growing up in the Fraser Valley steeped in agriculture has cultivated his love for serving food grown, and  foraged locally. with over 25 years cooking experience and 18 of those years being in the Fraser valley's premiere wedding establishments, The Wild Forager is his newest palette of creative expression.

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