The alchemy of  food and gatherings is the root of creation for the Wild Forager. The Passion behind it is a melting pot of curiosity and love for food and the world it comes from. 

Taco Buffet Menu


Warm Soft tacos Flour and Corn

Hard shell tacos  

Carnitas -pulled pork from Johnston’s Local-Quality

Polo – Kent’s chicken coup Chicken

Birria - Slow cooked Creekside Dairy Beef chuck


Onions cilantro, jalapenos, lettuce and cheese

Pico de gallo, & Salsa Verde

 lime wedges


Served with rice pilaf,

 corn elote (street style),

Chipotle Refried Black beans


watermelon mint and Cointreau salad

Tijuana Caesar salad



$32 per person















Greek Dinner Buffet


 Creekside dairy beef chuck garlic skewer

  Kent’s chicken Coup chicken Souvlaki marinated in lemon garlic and herbs

Greek spiced rice pilaf 

lemon and garlic braised potatoes


Warm Pita bread,

Hummus & Cucumber tzatziki


Greek salad with feta oregano house dressing.

Timber Timber field green salad

House Herb Vinaigrette 


$34 per person

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