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The Wild Forager's creative inspiration is rooted in the alchemy of food and gatherings, driven by a passion born out of an insatiable curiosity and a deep love for the culinary arts and the diverse cultures that shape it.



Create Your Personal Wedding Buffet

starts at $65/plate

Warm Bread, rolls and baguette with whipped butter


Choose Two

  • Apple Cider Dijon Coleslaw

  • Spinach and Peppered Strawberry

  • Seasonal Harvest Greens, choice of two house-made dressings

  • Classic Creamy Romaine Caesar Salad

  • Tomato Bocconcini with Basil and Balsamic

  • Kachumber: tomato, cucumber & carrot, with cilantro jalapeno dressing

  • Bacon Dijon Potato Salad



Choose One

  • Roasted Peppers and Lemon Asparagus

  • Bacon Mustard Chive Carrots

  • Roasted Seasonal Medley of Chef's Choice of In-Season Vegetable

  • Fraser Valley Honey Roasted Root Vegetable

  • Chef's Choice of In-Season Vegetable

Side Dish

Choose One

  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato

  • Lemon Pilaf Rice

  • Herb de Provence Roasted Baby Potato

  • Baked Tomato Sauce Lasagna Lazy-Man Style

  • Tortellini in Alfredo with Pesto Drizzle


Choose One

  • House-Seasoned Roasted Chicken

  • Mustard & Brown Sugar BBQ Chicken

  • One Hundred Garlic Clove Chicken

  • Lemon Herb Chicken

  • Roasted Chicken with Wild Mushroom Demi Glaze

  • Roast Pork Loin with Wild Mushroom Cream Gravy

  • Roast Pork Loin with Apple Honey Glaze and Pan Dripping Au Jus

  • Pineapple Pulled Pork with Mustard and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

  • Saffron Cream Salmon 

  • Lemon, Dill & Caper Cream Salmon 


Choose One

  • Porchetta and Chimichurri

  • Roast Pork Loin with Wild Mushroom Demi Cream Sauce

  • Mustard Crusted Sirloin with Au Jus

  • Roast Turkey with Milk Gravy

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