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We are going to be at the Agassiz Agricultural Hall

Between 9:00 am - 2:00 pm participating in the Agassiz Community Garage Sale.  If you need refueling while on the hunt for great finds. Come stop by!

6800 Pioneer Ave. Agassiz

No pre-orders. Food is available until we sell out or end of day. #dan4realestate #supportcommunity events

Pop up menu June 5th 2021


Apple brie and Spicy candied Pecan

A mix of Timber Timber’s  four varieties of Salinova lettuce.

Topped with creamy Brie and chilli candied pecans, fresh apple slices

 Dijon chive and Rosedale honey dressing



Pineapple BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich  

Smoked and slow cooked Pork butt rubbed in house spices

Pulled and piled high on

Sweet country slaw  and fresh toasted bun

Green salad House herb vinaigrette

$16 for single meal

$30 for two-person meal



Charcuterie Box for 2

A selection of Chef’s choice of deli meats, salamis, pepperoni’s,

Accompanied by crackers, pickle’s

Fresh garden vegetables, carrot, celery, peppers with country herb dip

 A selection of Chef’s choice from local fromagerie’s & Fig jam




Freezer Stock

Shepherd’s Pie for Two $20

Lasagna for Two $20

Cannelloni for two $20

Hand Rolled Cabbage Rolls $20

Creekside Dairy Beef Stew for two $20

Buy three soups or stocks for $25

Chicken broth Light or Dark 1qt $10

Cream of mushroom soup 1qt $10

Curry Carrot soup 1 qt $10

Cream of Roasted Cauliflower and parmesan 1 qt$10

Creek side dairy Beef Bone Broth 1qt. - $10

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