Wild Forager


The alchemy of  food and gatherings is the root of creation for the Wild Forager. The Passion behind it is a melting pot of curiosity and love for food and the world it comes from. 

We are a living wage employer, this means that  we  pay all our staff a wage that will provide a living for them in today's economy.

Green is the theme. 

From our choices of seafood to our choices of vegetables, being a responsible producer is about knowing where our food comes from and protecting it. 


I love the Wild and

I love to Forage. Food is my everything. How it can evoke thought and conversation. How it is memory's in flavor, and adds flavor to memory's.

- Jonathon Gee 

Wild Forager strives to provide locally sourced ingredients from local responsible Source's that are leading in conservation and earth healthy choices.