The alchemy of  food and gatherings is the root of creation for the Wild Forager. The Passion behind it is a melting pot of curiosity and love for food and the world it comes from. 


Base price $36 per person

minimum 30 ppl

(all prices are per person unless stated)


China (Spoon, fork, knife, plate)


Water OR Punch Station

Includes 10L

Choice of

Fruit punch, Iced tea, or Lemonade

Additional 10L $75

(Water glass not included)


Warm bread including rolls & baguette, whipped butter


Salad Choices

Chose two

-Apple cider Dijon coleslaw 

-Spinach & peppered strawberry

-Seasonal harvest greens with choice of two house made dressings

-Classic creamy romaine Caesar salad

-Tomato bocconcini with basil and balsamic

-Kachumber (tomato, cucumber & carrot, with cilantro jalapeno dressing)

- warm potato salad with bacon Dijon dressing

Extra salad choice $1.75 per person



Choose one

-Roasted peppers and lemon asparagus

-Bacon mustard chive Carrots

- roasted seasonal vegetable medley

-Fraser valley honey roasted root vegetable

-Chefs choice of in season vegetable

Extra vegetable choice $1.75 per person


Side dish

Choose one

-roasted garlic mashed potato

- lemon Pilaf rice

-herb de Provence roasted baby potato

-baked Tomato sauce lasagna lazy-man style

-tortellini in alfredo with pesto drizzle

Extra Side dish choice $2



Choose one

-House seasoned roasted chicken

-Mustard & brown sugar BBQ Chicken

- One hundred garlic clove chicken

-Lemon herb chicken

-Roasted chicken with wild mushroom demi glaze

-roast pork loin with wild mushroom cream gravy

-Roast pork loin with apple honey glaze an pan dripping au jus

-Pineapple pulled pork with mustard and brown sugar BBQ sauce

-Charred lemon cream salmon

-Saffron cream salmon

-Dill & Caper cream Salmon

Extra Protein choice $4



Choose one

-Porchetta and chimichurri

-Roast pork loin with pineapple salsa

-Mustard crusted sirloin with au jus

-Slow roast Baron of Beef, Rich pan gravy

-Roast Turkey with milk gravy



Fresh sliced fruit platter served after the dinner buffet


Additional items not included in base price



Charcuterie Board

A selection of Chef’s choice of deli meats, salamis, pepperoni’s, and bacon

Accompanied by mustards and pickle’s




Fresh garden vegetables, carrot, celery, peppers, radish, broccoli and cauliflower presented with country herb dip




 A selection of Chef’s choice from local fromagerie’s

Accompanied by red pepper jelly, and crostini



Antipasto platter

Chefs locally foraged selection of marinated roasted vegetables

Cured meats, aged cheeses, fresh olives





Cheese cake parfait

A selection of miniature parfait with graham crumb

(including strawberry, blueberry, chocolate)



Selection of Pies

A selection or home baked fruit pies

(Chefs selection of seasonal fruit pies)

$4 Or With ice cream $5

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